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In the next few minutes…
We are going to show you with hard proof and case studies how Konversio is GUARANTEED to increase your online sales…

It’s Andy Black and Max Vershinin here, we have teamed up with an underground conversion expert and we are very excited to show you how Konversio should be a HUGE part of your online sales strategies in 2015 and beyond.

Everybody knows that online marketing changes at a rapid pace and it is getting harder and harder every day to convert your traffic into buyers…

We are here to tell you that it’s not your fault!
Between us we have more than 15 years of internet marketing experience and years ago we learned some lessons that have helped us to drastically increase our sales.

Today we would like to share these lessons with you to help you get the exact same results. In fact, Konversio is going to help you get better results than even we could have ever imagined…

Timer-based scarcity and urgency strategies have been around since the dawn of marketing and more recently, digital countdown timers have been proven to dramatically increase online sales.

There are many, very basic tools available to use countdown timers but Konversio is like nothing you have ever seen before and takes these strategies to the next level using cutting edge technology that we have spent months developing.

What this means is that Konversio is guaranteed to increase sales of your products, services and promotions. No matter what you sell or promote online!

It is important to note, we did not invent countdown timers. We are not making that claim.

But we have used them to increase conversions for many years. The problem was that traditional, basic countdown timers are losing their clout.

We had ideas on how we could push things to the next level, new exciting features that we knew would force more people into making a buying decision by upping the ante with scarcity and urgency.

We scoured the web to try and find software that included some of the features we wanted. As we guessed, it didn’t exist.

So we set about creating it. As soon as we started to work on this project and tested the timers we created, we found that our sales and income went through the roof.

The ideas and features flowed and pretty soon we realized we had created what we knew would be the future industry standard for smart marketers that understand the power of urgency and scarcity.

Today we are very excited to announce the launch of Konversio…

Choose Your License From The 3 Options Below
Monthly License
Konversio (Monthly)
Yearly License
Konversio (Annual)
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Konversio (Lifetime)
Warning: Lifetime access will be removed forever when the public launch closes!

Konversio Is Being Used On This Very Page Right Now!
These are the main features that make Konversio the best
scarcity and urgency tool on the market…


Create evergreen campaigns using Konversio’s built in cookie and IP address technology so that every new visitor to a page sees a different timer depending on when they landed.

Date Based

You can create date based campaigns so that a timer will be set to expire at a given time and date…

Easy To Use

Konversio is so easy to use. It has been designed with speed, simplicity and customization in mind. You can literally create a fully functional, highly effective campaign in minutes OR you can customize your timers to your hearts content.

Cloud Hosted

Konversio is web based so you never need to worry about updates, we have a team of developers that will keep your timers and campaigns running fast and smooth.

HTML and WordPress

After you have created a Konversio campaign, you will get a line of code which is easy to insert into any HTML web page. We have also decided to include a WordPress plugin. Simply install the plugin, go to any post or page, insert the shortcode we provide in the Konversio dashboard and your away.

Overlay or In-page

You can insert timers right inside your web pages so that they are at specific points. Or you can overlay the timer so that it is always in view and scrolls down the visitor. Or you could use both!


Your Konversio timers will respond to the users device so they will look just as good on a desktop, mobile or a tablet.

Seriously Good Support

We have a team of developer and customer service agents that are ready to deal with any issues that may arise. But, because we are cloud hosted, we only have to worry about one installation so issues are ALWAYS dealt with quickly and professionally. We have a proven track record for delivering the goods to our customers so you can buy in confidence.

This is where Konversio pulls ahead of the competition!

Completely customize the look and feel of every timer you create so that it matches your page design. Customize the type of countdown clock and choose from our built-in selection of digital and analogue designs.
Timer Events
This is where things get very interesting and Konversio takes timers to the next level. It is quick and easy to create specific events such as flashing timers, audiosoundbytes, pop up videos and textual messages at customizable times.

Eye Catching Lights
We have added the ability to build flashing, eye catching lights into your timers at specific set times that you can customize. For example, perhaps you want to have the timer background flashing green, then in the last 24 hours of an offer it might flash amber and then finally in the last hour it flashes red. We have tested this and it works by attracting attention and creating unseen levels of urgency!
We are seriously proud of this feature and we have made it even easier for you to get stuck in with using it. Konversio allows you to add MP3’s into specific points of your campaign to inform your visitors about the state of an offer. You can record these yourself and upload, or we have included a set of prerecorded soundbytes that you can quickly select. For example, you might want to use a voice over that states “Hurry, there is only 1 hour left until this offer closes forever”. Clever, right?

Video Popups
Just like with the soundbytes but this time you can record your own video or use one of our prerecorded videos so that your visitors can interact with you. Do you think it might be powerful to have a popup video on your web page at a specific time so you can tell your customers that your offer is closing soon? We do. And this works like nothing we have ever seen before.
Video Player Integration
We know what you’re thinking, you don’t want to have a popup video or voice over drowning out your sales videos audio. We thought of that. So we have integrated with the webs top video players and when your soundbytes trigger or your videos appear it will pause your videos and then start them again after your message has played.

And there is MORE to come…
We have packed Konversio full of powerful features but we are not stopping there. Konversio is here for the long term and we already have a ton of new features planned out and lined up ready to be implemented.

Once you gain entry to Konversio you will get instant access to each and every NEW feature as and when we add them.

Konversio is NOT just for advanced marketers or product owners.
You can setup Konversio campaigns in just a couple of minutes…

It is so simple to create Konversio timers and then use them to MASSIVELY increase your sales and commissions, even a complete beginner can do it in minutes!

Here are some examples of how YOU could use Konversio to generate better results no matter what your business is…

  • Use Konversio to countdown to when your product launch is going to go live.
  • Put Konversio timers on your affiliate websites and pages. Include a bonus if your customers buy through your link, but only if they commit before the timer runs out.
  • If you are generating leads for an offline business, offer some kind of benefit if your prospects signup before the Konversio timer expires.
  • Use Konversio to countdown to a price increase during a product launch or to countdown to when the offer closes.
Some of the top Internet marketers in the world have tried and tested Konversio in a huge variety of niches and businesses and their results have been simply staggering, even to us…
Some of the top Internet marketers in the world have tried and tested Konversio in a huge variety of niches and businesses and their results have been simply staggering, even to us…
Check Out The Case Studies Below
From Genuine Early Users Of Konversio…



Take a look at what other industry insiders are saying about Konversio!
What Joey Xoto had to say about Konversio
I heard about Konversio on the grapevine and I was so blown away by the features that I was desperate to try it out for myself. I contacted Andy and arranged a private promotion, we decided to run a split test so we could see just how good Konversio is at generating sales and conversions. The results were outstanding. I actually sent less traffic to the Konversio page than to the non-Konversio page BUT I made 4x as many sales using Konversio! That’s pretty amazing proof that Konversio does work even better than I imagined it could. Great job guys, I highly recommend this software to everyone that sells or promotes anything online!

Kevin ByrneInternet Marketer

Konversio is an insanely powerful must have tool that I’ll be using on EVERY sales page from now on!!! We had such a huge spike in conversions in the last 5 minutes that my phone’s paypal notifications were coming in so fast they were buzzing over the top of each other! It was easy to set up, has amazing functionality for whatever push you want and the results, well… they speak for themselves. Thanks guys!

Cindy BattyeInternet Marketer

The idea of konversio is simple… We all know as marketers online how much the scarcity factor can help to close more sales, as well as potentially increase conversion. The problem is most scarcity tools on the market are limited, and bug ridden. My friend Andy Black knew this, so he set out to have something created that did more. Something that could take scarcity in our marketing to a whole new level…

At first, I honestly thought this was just another BS rushed out product for a quick launch. But then Andy asked me to give it a whirl, so I did.

We put Konversio on one of our bonus pages for a close mailing to one of our segmented buying lists, and as you can see, every 2nd person who landed on this page bought what we were selling! I really don’t need to elaborate further on what this means for our marketing going forward. We’ve been crushing leader boards for this entire year left and right, and Konversio is now one of our secret weapons for crushing any promotion – almost at will…

We also promoted one of Andy’s internal offers this year, and again – using Konversio… Our conversion was through the roof, so I think it’s safe to say that I will be promoting Konversio because I personally use this tool myself in our own marketing…

John GibbOn behalf of my partner Mo Miah

I’ve made over 1 million dollars in sales through Jvzoo this year. One of the reasons that I’ve been able to do this has been scarcity. It’s why I was so excited when I heard about Konversio – a software that makes scarcity easy to showin an ethical and accurate way.

I used Konversio for the last 2 hours recently for a launch of mine and saw a significant increase in sales when Konversio was on the page vs not being there.

It’s so cool how it works and I really like how easy it is to trigger an event. My advice – if you plan on doing any kind of promotion online pick Konversio up. It will help you make more money per visitor that hits your page.

Sam BakkerSam Bakker Consulting Ltd

What Sam Bakker had to say about Konversio
Konversio Software
(Valued at $497)
In actual fact, Konversio is priceless. When you look at the affect using Konversio has had on our own sales and the sales of our BETA testers, its clear to see that even if you are a complete beginner, using Konversio as opposed to NOT using Konversio is going to generate you hundreds of dollars a year.

And if you are already generating a good income online in any niche or business then using Konversio is going to be absolutely priceless to you!

Konversio Plugin
(Valued at $47)
The Konversio plugin adds a whole new way that Konversio can be used. Instead of just using these extremely powerful timers on HTML web pages you can now install them quickly and easily on the ever popular WordPress platform. We never intended on including this plugin, but we decided it would be something our new customers would want after listening to early user feedback.
Konversio Soundbyte and Video Presets
(Valued at $97)
We knew how powerful the ability to have triggered soundbytes and popup videos at customizable times was. But we also knew after listening to our early users, that not everybody wants to get in front of a camera or record their voice. Or maybe they just don’t have time.

So we spent a small fortune getting professionally recorded voice overs and spokesperson videos created. Again, we never intended on including these but we did because we want you to be able to get stuck right in to Konversio and get the results we have as fast as possible.

Total Real World Value Today: $641 (At Least!)
So What Is Konversio Going To Cost Today?
You are now part of a 5 day industry launch. After this 5 day period we will close, serve our new customers and then reopen to the general public.
But what makes this 5 day launch special?
It is the only time that you will ever be able to get lifetime access and it’s the lowest price every license will ever be.

OK, so here’s the deal on the licenses…
Monthly License
Konversio (Monthly)
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Lifetime License
Konversio (Lifetime)
Warning: Lifetime access will be removed forever when the public launch closes!

*PAY ATTENTION: This is how confident we are
that Konversio is the best in the business at its job…

We are so sure that Konversio is going to increase your conversions, sales and revenue that we have decided to offer a “Double Your Money Back” guarantee!

Here’s the deal…

Firstly, if Konversio does not work exactly as we describe, get in touch with our support and if we can’t fix it then we will give you every penny of your investment back.

Here’s where it gets juicy…

Put Konversio to the test. Run a simple split test with two pages, one using Konversio and one without. Send 500 targeted people to the page and if you do not see an increase in conversions/sales/signups then send us the test results and we will refund DOUBLE your investment!

So, What’s The Catch?
IMPORTANT: There is one small condition which allows you to take advantage of todays’ special “industry launch discount”!

In exchange for the huge discount available to you today, we ask that you provide an honest, written or video testimonial when you see for yourself how powerful Konversio is.

Choose Your License From The 3 Options Below
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Konversio (Monthly)
Yearly License
Konversio (Annual)
Lifetime License
Konversio (Lifetime)
Warning: Lifetime access will be removed forever when the public launch closes!

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The Konversio Team

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